Reiki Course Level 1

Embark on a Journey of Personal and Spiritual Growth

Discover the power of Reiki and unlock your inner healer with Alona’s comprehensive Reiki training program. Delve into the principles of Reiki, learn hands-on techniques, and receive four powerful initiations to become a Reiki Practitioner.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Embrace personal transformation and connect with your well-being
  • Discover the healing power of Reiki and promote healing in your life and others
  • Deepen your spiritual connection and awaken your intuition
  • Share Reiki’s transformative power with the world

Enroll Today and Unlock the Unlimited Energy of the Universe

Join Alona’s Reiki training program and become a Reiki Practitioner. Empower yourself to heal, transform, and connect with others.

Invest in Yourself and Your Potential

Enroll now and discover the profound power of Reiki to heal, transform, and connect.

Together, let’s create a world of healing and harmony.

Course Reiki I Level Schedule

Day 1

True Reiki history which has been passing verbaly since the tradition creation by master Mikao Usui. You will learn what Reiki is, how it works and watch a Reiki presentation film. For those who wants Reiki session will be conducted. Ceremony of first initiation of Reiki I Level. Getting a home-work

Day 2

Delving into the art of administering Reiki to yourself and others, guided by the sacred canon. Further exploration of Reiki’s historical context. Ceremony of second initiation of Reiki I Level. Getting a home-work

Day 3

A journey through the captivating history of Mikao Usui, unveiling the significance of the First and Second Degree levels of Reiki. Ceremony of third initiation of Reiki I Level

Day 4

Embracing the timeless wisdom encapsulated in the five Reiki principles. Introduction to supplementary hand positions and the concept of Reiki as a healing toolkit, offering remedies for various ailments such as high or low blood pressure through strategic hand placements. Culmination with the fourth initiation ceremony.

There are two ways of taking part at the course:

  1. Only first day of the course. In this case you will learn what Reiki is and how it works, get acquainted with the true history of Reiki which was verbally passed from Mikao Usui and receive a Reiki session. 

The price for attending the first one day without initiations – 50  euro.

  1. All four days. In this case you will learn everything about Reiki, become a Reiki practitioner, get unlimited access to the energy of the Universe, can do Reiki to yourself or relatives/friends when someone is sick, have a lack of energy or strength, insomnia, develop your intuition and extrasensory vision, increase your perception of energies and grow the possibility to read the people, activate your energy channels and change your life.

There are lots of areas what Reiki energy is working with because it is unlimited energy of the Universe. 

During four days course Reiki I Level you will get four initiations which has to be done once in a life. After it your energy channels will be opened and you can create some miracles 😉

The price for attending all four days and get four initiations – 550 euro.